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  • Child protection and creating safe environments diocesan child protection policies: The Diocese of Erie, along with all dioceses of the United States, has policies and procedures in place to address the national problem of child abuse and to aid in creating safe environments. The diocese is committed to ongoing screening and training of paid or volunteer persons who have regular contact with our children and youth under the age of 18. It is also committed to the yearly in-service and training of our children, youth and parents regarding touching-safety and safe environments. To see what the Diocese of Erie is doing to help create safe environments, go to
  • Child protection and creating safe environments code of conduct: The Diocese of Erie is committed to protecting the children and youth who are entrusted to its care and to ensuring that those in ministry with our young people are in right relationship with the children/youth receiving services. To share in the ministry of Christ is a great privilege as well as a tremendous responsibility. The privilege is the joy of sharing in the mission of Jesus himself. The responsibility is acting in a way that conforms to the attitude and actions of Christ. In this spirit, the diocese has issued a ministerial code of conduct. The code is included in the diocesan Policy for the Protection of Children, which also includes mandates for creating safe environments. To read the policy, go to For more information, contact Cindy Zemcik at 814-824-1195

To view the Diocese of Erie current Policy for the Protection of Children, click HERE.

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