Chapter:       15    

Subject:  The Sacraments of Healing Restore Us

Lesson:   We Turn to God 

Objectives: We will be continuing to learn more about prayer by listening and talking to God.  Students will learn how Jesus calls us to conversion, how we are reconciled with God and the Church, how God forgives as only God can do, and continues to forgive us through the Church. 

Materials Needed: notebook paper, pen/pencil 

Assignment:  Please have student read page 132 which contains the story of The Prodigal Son.  After this has been read discuss story with student.  There have been many renditions of this story told through song and paintings please have student do some research and write down an example of and artist that has recreated this parable.  Please also have student write a modern day story about turning back to God and others as reflected in activity on page 133.  These will be turned in when we return to classes for me to read.  —  Questions:  Should the wayward so have been scolded for his actions?  What does this parable teach us?  Please stress that the parable asks us to see that the father (God) is forgiving and merciful, just as the father in the story forgave his son.

Please have student read page 133.  Once this has been read please discuss the following questions:  What does this story tell you about Jesus?  What is the meaning of this story? What can you do each day to be more accepting and forgiving of others?

Please have student read page 134-135.  Please have Student make a Venn Diagram on a piece of paper that shows the differences between mortal and venial sins and complete we respond activity.

Complete Chapter 15 Project Disciple as well as Chapter 15 test.

Chapter Project:  Dear God Prayer/Confession Journal – We are going to start a Journal, If the student has never written in a journal please explain that people normally write their entries as if they are talking to someone.  For this project however, we will have the opportunity to talk and listen to God.  Have the student take 5 to ten minutes each day to write their reflections for the day.  Once complete have them staple all of the different entries and create a book. Encourage them to address God with ideas, questions or events that came to their mind during the day.  They are also encouraged use this book as a way to acknowledge things they may feel bad about (confession to God).  These will be private and I will not be asking for these as any confessions should be between the student and God.  I am relying on the children to be honest about whether they complete the project since I will not be collecting these.

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